Heroes Of The Free Realms

The Summoning

Going lower and lower on the stairwell underneath the snake goddess statue. You begin to hear weird chanting. Everyone but Jones who lost his hearing many adventures ago. Besides the chanting. You also see many bright swirling lights travelling throughout a room with no walls. The very ground underneath your feet begins to shake violently. Indie realizes that the chanting is that of some kind of spell being cast.
When you reach the bottom of the stairwell. You see what is causing this evil unnatural occurrence. You are in the presence of the Undying King himself- the Lich Lord Byrus Slack. The evil master is summoning the gateway from the ancient tome of Faldorn stolen from Indie’s master Elizar. Among him are his loyal subjects as well as his horned demons Kalavacus; also in attendance are some of the enemies of the party’s past- Malvina the Hag, Groogeuss Oldork, Madam Vex’ Hala and one of the Magic Council members turned traitor Morbeus the Cruel. All are here to witness the opening of the gateway to the Abyss. Joining the enemies of the past. Out of the shadows appears the monk Talos. An adversary from Toru Sora’s past. Not too much is known about this monk but if he has similiar abilities as Toru Sora. He is very dangerous indeed.
At once the horned demons Kalavacus and temple minions attack the party. The Kalavacus again being hard to deal with are able to teleport at will, are immune to poison and electricity as well as are resistant to fire and cold. Making these monsters very deadly. The whole while the earth shakes violently as the temple begins to fall all around our party. The environment beginning to become freezing cold.
It takes a few rounds but with some skill and daring acts. The party once again find a way to defeat the horned demons. The temple minions never showing to be a real threat are defeated easily. Even Usef manages to kill two temple minions himself.
After regrouping behind a fallen piece of the temple. The party notices that the loud chanting has stopped. The heroes look toward the gateway the Lich Lord and his subjects had summoned earlier. No longer a conjured portal of energy but a iced over archway that resembles much like a mirror. From this mirror like gateway enters the evils from the Abyss. First an oversized winged demon steps through, roars and flies away. Then another. Then another. Then yet another one. A total of four.
Next is the Evil One’s personal gaurd. An armored demon that looks to be in many places at once. The figure being a blurry image at best. The personal gaurd looks at his immediate surroundings then bows down to a knee as the Lich Lord and his subjects do the same. Then the next to step out is a light bluish skinned succubus. Most beautiful but dangerous in appearance. She steps through the mirror and reaches toward the mirror awaiting her master.
Lastly, an oversized hooved like foot enters the Material Plane. The archfiend steps through the gateway. He is nine feet tall, skin of purple, hair of white, with the lower body of well grooomed goat and a upper torso of a handsome elf prince. He wields a curved jet black sword as tall as him. He proclaims in a booming voice that this is another world for him to conquer as he laughs an evil laugh. With a waive of his hand. He creates a portal and he as well as his entourage with his new subjects in tow pass through. The Lich Lord Byrus Slack being one of the last to enter the magic portal.
Once the last of the evils pass the portal. The portal disappears in a flash. Leaving the mirror like gateway. The gateway then begins to crack and it shatters into chunks of ice. The whole pyramid falling around the party even more than before. A plan of escape must be made. With quick thinking, Inder has Aurthor pull out the flying carpet from the Bag Of Holding. So as the group jumps on the carpet and take off. Usef notices a two inch thick rope appear from above. He swiftly jumps on as the rope pulls him up.
The party races up as rock, earth and other debris try to impede their flight to freedom from the collapsing pyramid. The group even comes up with many great and not so great ideas of escape. Indie uses flying bats as well as roots to successfully help their cause. Aurthor on the other hand tries to intimidate the rock itself. The fighter gets hit in the face with a large rock and falls prone. But the idea that was bitter sweet was from Rawthorn. The ranger grabbed Jones’s hammer and threw it to break a large rock headed toward our party. The hammer struck the rock breaking it into tiny harmless pieces but the hammer fell into the darkness below. Jones couldn’t do anything as we watched helplessly as his hammer, the holy symbol to his god Torm, was lost forever.
As the last rock was dodged. The party reaches the surface where their flying vessel the Falcon awaits their arrival. With the group safely on board as well as Usef. Usef was pulled up by the two inch thick rope from the Falcon. You all look out to where the ancient temple was. You see the great columns that were once there fall over breaking into pieces smashing the massive sphinx statues next to them. The giant pyramid itself crumbling burying everything inside.
The party also see the changes the archfiend of the Abyss have brought to the desert of Surabia. Once a dry hot vast desert region with miles of sand as far as the eye can see is now a wasteland of snow and ice. Something the inhabitants must adjust to; to survive. You also wonder if your friend Toru Sora survived. Did he make it out of the pyramid alive?



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