Heroes Of The Free Realms

The Beginning Of An Adventure

At a very young age you decided to take your hand as a traveler of adventure. As early as you can recall this is what you wanted to pursue. You have been told of the Old Wars between the Honored Races and the evil Horde. The Honored Races being the humans, elves, dwarves and halflings. Even though the Honored Races are stubborn in their ways and prefer to be with their own kind. They have lived peacefully in the Free Realms. It is also known that in times of great peril the races of good have banded together to fight unconquerable odds only to come out victorious. Out of these wars have appeared heroes. Some born for greatness while others stumbled upon it. Skilled fighters of strength and might. Magic users of mysterious and powerful magic. Warrior priests who heal the good and punish the bad. Rangers who are quick with the bow and of foot. These are the tales you have heard and the professions you have chosen to do. A profession that is full of danger but with cunning and skill full of many rewards.

So upon meeting each other you trek for one day and one night to the northeast beyond the Flatlands and Hills of Verdeen…..Indie the elf wizard, Aurthor the human knight, Rawthorn the half-elf ranger , Jones the human war-priest and Raegar the half-elf rogue.



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