Heroes Of The Free Realms

When The Cat Is Away...

Looking at the large glass jars, Indie and Jones ponder how to free their comrades as well as the populace of Eir Idavoll without being spotted by the drow infiltrators and the evil swamp hag Malvina. With the party and most of the city turned into mice. The task of a successful escape is near impossible.
But working together inside the magically sealed jar. Rawthorn, Orrlock and Aurthor manage to tip the jar sideways and then Jones from the outside breaks the glass with his hammer. Shattering the jar into tiny bits of glass without injuring his fellow adventurers that are inside the glass container. But upon doing this, nearby drow agents hear the breaking of the glass and investigate the noise coming from the room where the adventurers are. So as the party hides behind the jars. The drows look for the young adventurers frantically.
It is not until Indie creates an illusion of mice running out the room. That the party finds a perfect moment to escape the room. Going back to Indie’s sleeping quarters once again, they find the mage’s spell book underneath his bed. With the whole group helping drag the book from underneath the bed that Indie reads that the enchantment that is on the party as well as the rest of Eir Idavoll is only temporary as long as they are not in one of those magically sealed jars. So turning from mice to the party’s normal state was imminent as long as they are not captured again.
As Indie finishes reading the details of the enchantment that the party is under. They hear the cackling laugh of the old swamp hag Malvina. Peering over the window seal. The young adventurers see the old hag being escorted by four drow assassin guards as they make there way across the inner castle courtyard to the lower dungeon cells. So the party’s next actions are to climb down to the courtyard below, cross the inner castle courtyard grounds and follow Malvina and her bodyguards down into the dungeon cells. All this without being spotted by the drow warriors that liter the courtyard itself.
After masterfully manuevering through the inner castle courtyard grounds successfully as mice. The group makes there way to the lower dungeon cells. There they find many cells. Many are filled with skeletons of prisoners long forgotten. There was one cell with a live prisoner in it. The party all but ignore that individual. Was he or she someone worth investigating? Only time will tell.
Only after a few moments that a temporary magic portal is found at a far wall. With Indie using his magic detecting abilities he finds a bridge to another world. A world unfamiliar to the party as of now. With only moments before the portal vanishes. The group decides to enter. But before they can. They encounter the castle’s white cat again. The unrelenting cat trying to make a meal of the group once more. Who are still turned into little white mice. But as before, the young adventurers are victorious over the cat. But before the group can go in for the kill. They turn happily back into their original selves. Giving the cat another chance to get away to catch mice another day. The party refocused on the temporary portal once again.
As they walk through the portal. The adventurers find themselves in a endless wasteland. Very few things grow where they are. The dirt is dark and dead as the sky shines a dark purple glow. The sun, no where to be found.
In the dirt, Rawthorn finds the tracks of the hag and her drow contingent. The tracks lead to a dark looming mountain in the distance. The mountain is very strangely particular not seeing where the mountain ends or begins in height. As you reach the mountain. You see a rough opening near the base of the mountain. The opening leading downward into the unknown. As you peek in. You are met with a rush of hot thick air. The air is so thick that you blink repeatedly. The party readies once more for a dungeon crawl.



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