Heroes Of The Free Realms

Waterdeep Again

After your business with the jeweler and the armourer. Every party member makes a substantial deposit in the bank. Going to the armourer once again for more answers you are greeted by many city folk wandering the streets. So bumping into the citizens in the avenues of Waterdeep. Indie notices a familiar looking halfling darting away from the group. It’s Alana the Scout from the village of Nordin. Rawthorn also realizes that he is missing something from his person. He realizes he is missing the gold goblet found in the Island of Blades. Alana has stolen from the group before so the adventurers are determined that it doesn’t happen again.
So running into the streets of Waterdeep. The group tries to catch the annoying thief. Dodging the Waterdeep citizens, peddler carts, gaurds among other hazards. The party finally does catch Alana after a winded street chase down a long shadowy alley.
It is there you retrieve the gold goblet once again. You also see out of the shadows your old companion Raegar. Raegar having been in some sort of scuffle has his arm in a sling and bandages wrapped over half of his head covering one eye. He explains he got the wounds for trying to catch Doyle the faithful dire wolf. He also explains that letting Alana go would be wise. The thieves guild is powerful in Waterdeep and one would be wise to not incur their wrath. So the group let’s the pesky thief go.
Raegar also has another surprise for the group. Besides saving your lost horses. The courageous rogue saved Jimmy from a executioner’s axe. So again out of the shadows familiar faces are seen. Jimmy and the horses are once again united with the young adventurers. As the group turns to thank Raegar for his heroics. Raegar again has mysteriously disappeared.
At this point, the party looks to find Octavious Silverman and a way out of the city. Finding Octavious in one of the bath houses. You wait in a inconspicuous barn house until the dead of night. You have already been told that the city guards are looking for you as you have a bounty on your heads.
When the night approaches, the party hires a ship to take them down the coast of the Free Realms toward the Blackmoore Forest for 500 gold pieces. From there the group rides across the forest to Gray Warden. Where the city awaits their arrival.



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