Heroes Of The Free Realms

The Land Of Kings

Traveling on the airship the Falcon. The party still feels the frigid cold air brought on by the appearance of the demon lord Graz’zt. The winter months should of been long over with the sun of Spring. But all you see is the land covered in white below and the dark gloomy skies above. Even the cold touched the vast dessert of Surabia. A land that has never experienced anything below 90 degrees is now covered with snow and ice. The world as you know it. Is in a never ending winter.
After flying on the Falcon for 15 days. The party comes out of the thick clouds to see a large war camp in the snow. It is the armies of the Free Realms. The red and gold banners are seen flying freely in the biting cold wind. Just a mile from the war camp is the once capital city of the Free Realms, God’s Hallow. Inhabited by unspeakable evil; the armies of the Free Realms prepare to retake the once proud city.
Landing the Falcon in a clearing within the war camp. You are greeted by a old friend, Lord General Sam Delforth. He is overjoyed to see his friends again. Thinking you were all dead at the hands of the drow. You are then escorted to the main tent. There you see other old aquantences of past adventures to discuss the strategy to retake God’s Hallow among them is Lord General Brom Arbanax. But not before meeting the king himself. Your highness King Ronin Whitebeard, son of King Thorn Whitebeard. Currently he is a king without home.
Talking to the king. He tells you in secret that his daughter is also being held prisoner within the confines of God’s Hallow. He pleads with the party to save his sweet daughter Princess Minna. He promises a grand reward if the party is successful in rescuing the princess. To him, it is the most important task. Rescuing his daughter.
After a plan is drafted. It is only moments before you are on the snow covered battlefield. Among your ranks are elves, dwarves, gnomes, halfings, centaurs and humans. All fighting under the banner of the Free Realms. From the fallen city, God’s Hallow, stand in your way, the Horde- orcs, goblins and ogres of the most vile kind. They oppose the Free Realms from ever reaching the gates of God’s Hallow. There is also the Queen Of Dragons within the walls of God’s Hallow. An ancient dragon named Nightmare. Days ago, Indie had a dream. He dreamt of a discussion with the dragon. The dragon and Indie agreed in the dream that the demons invading the land were a common enemy that must be defeated. Nightmare said that man and the dark dragons are allies as long as the demon lord Graz’zt walks the planet. This was no dream though. In fact, Indie did talk to Nightmare. So before the battle begins on the battlefield. The dragon evens the playing field temporarily by killing half of the Horde army and then flies away. Nightmare reminds Indie to keep his promise. The promise to kill Graz’zt the demon lord from the Abyss.
The initial fight is fast and furious in the snow but the Free Realms are victorious at the first stage of the battle but black magic is at hand. The dead rise on the second stage from both the Free Realms and the Horde to fight again against our heroes and their allies. It is more difficult than the first stage but the battle is still won.
The third stage becomes even more intense when a giant stone tentacled monster appears on the battlefield as well as more horde reforcements. The battle again is very tense but the party proves again to be victorious in battle. Indie even finds an old artifact inside the stone roper. An item that Indie will study in the future as well as discover it’s true nature.
You are soon reunited with another ally from the past. It is Raegar the rogue thief. He is called to join the party to defeat the evil Demon Lord Graz’zt. Coming in riding a gold dragon out of the dark skies. At first the party and the armies of the Free Realms are startled by the dragon but soon realize that the dragon is of good intentions. Even revealing his other identity. That of Finius Cobbletree. The old man who has been with the party from the very beginning. Is in fact, an ancient gold dragon. The dragon drops off Raegar and flies away saying that he is again needed elsewhere.
Once inside the walls of God’s Hallow. The heroes come face to face with some the party’s old foes- namely Grooguess Oldork, the mindflayer from Water-deep, Malvina the hag from the Swamp Of Sorrows and Talos, Tora Soru’s evil monk twin from the temple in Surabia. The party fight these three powerful bosses and defeat them but not without losing one of their own. As you look at your fallen foes. Aurthor is cowardly stabbed from behind. He is struck down by the Demon Lord’s personal guard and evil general Hitori Guntai. The demon general then teleports away laughing as the fighter Aurthor crumbles to the floor. The story continues but without one of our beloved heroes. Aurthor is dead.



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