Heroes Of The Free Realms

The Land Of Kings
The Summoning

Going lower and lower on the stairwell underneath the snake goddess statue. You begin to hear weird chanting. Everyone but Jones who lost his hearing many adventures ago. Besides the chanting. You also see many bright swirling lights travelling throughout a room with no walls. The very ground underneath your feet begins to shake violently. Indie realizes that the chanting is that of some kind of spell being cast.
When you reach the bottom of the stairwell. You see what is causing this evil unnatural occurrence. You are in the presence of the Undying King himself- the Lich Lord Byrus Slack. The evil master is summoning the gateway from the ancient tome of Faldorn stolen from Indie’s master Elizar. Among him are his loyal subjects as well as his horned demons Kalavacus; also in attendance are some of the enemies of the party’s past- Malvina the Hag, Groogeuss Oldork, Madam Vex’ Hala and one of the Magic Council members turned traitor Morbeus the Cruel. All are here to witness the opening of the gateway to the Abyss. Joining the enemies of the past. Out of the shadows appears the monk Talos. An adversary from Toru Sora’s past. Not too much is known about this monk but if he has similiar abilities as Toru Sora. He is very dangerous indeed.
At once the horned demons Kalavacus and temple minions attack the party. The Kalavacus again being hard to deal with are able to teleport at will, are immune to poison and electricity as well as are resistant to fire and cold. Making these monsters very deadly. The whole while the earth shakes violently as the temple begins to fall all around our party. The environment beginning to become freezing cold.
It takes a few rounds but with some skill and daring acts. The party once again find a way to defeat the horned demons. The temple minions never showing to be a real threat are defeated easily. Even Usef manages to kill two temple minions himself.
After regrouping behind a fallen piece of the temple. The party notices that the loud chanting has stopped. The heroes look toward the gateway the Lich Lord and his subjects had summoned earlier. No longer a conjured portal of energy but a iced over archway that resembles much like a mirror. From this mirror like gateway enters the evils from the Abyss. First an oversized winged demon steps through, roars and flies away. Then another. Then another. Then yet another one. A total of four.
Next is the Evil One’s personal gaurd. An armored demon that looks to be in many places at once. The figure being a blurry image at best. The personal gaurd looks at his immediate surroundings then bows down to a knee as the Lich Lord and his subjects do the same. Then the next to step out is a light bluish skinned succubus. Most beautiful but dangerous in appearance. She steps through the mirror and reaches toward the mirror awaiting her master.
Lastly, an oversized hooved like foot enters the Material Plane. The archfiend steps through the gateway. He is nine feet tall, skin of purple, hair of white, with the lower body of well grooomed goat and a upper torso of a handsome elf prince. He wields a curved jet black sword as tall as him. He proclaims in a booming voice that this is another world for him to conquer as he laughs an evil laugh. With a waive of his hand. He creates a portal and he as well as his entourage with his new subjects in tow pass through. The Lich Lord Byrus Slack being one of the last to enter the magic portal.
Once the last of the evils pass the portal. The portal disappears in a flash. Leaving the mirror like gateway. The gateway then begins to crack and it shatters into chunks of ice. The whole pyramid falling around the party even more than before. A plan of escape must be made. With quick thinking, Inder has Aurthor pull out the flying carpet from the Bag Of Holding. So as the group jumps on the carpet and take off. Usef notices a two inch thick rope appear from above. He swiftly jumps on as the rope pulls him up.
The party races up as rock, earth and other debris try to impede their flight to freedom from the collapsing pyramid. The group even comes up with many great and not so great ideas of escape. Indie uses flying bats as well as roots to successfully help their cause. Aurthor on the other hand tries to intimidate the rock itself. The fighter gets hit in the face with a large rock and falls prone. But the idea that was bitter sweet was from Rawthorn. The ranger grabbed Jones’s hammer and threw it to break a large rock headed toward our party. The hammer struck the rock breaking it into tiny harmless pieces but the hammer fell into the darkness below. Jones couldn’t do anything as we watched helplessly as his hammer, the holy symbol to his god Torm, was lost forever.
As the last rock was dodged. The party reaches the surface where their flying vessel the Falcon awaits their arrival. With the group safely on board as well as Usef. Usef was pulled up by the two inch thick rope from the Falcon. You all look out to where the ancient temple was. You see the great columns that were once there fall over breaking into pieces smashing the massive sphinx statues next to them. The giant pyramid itself crumbling burying everything inside.
The party also see the changes the archfiend of the Abyss have brought to the desert of Surabia. Once a dry hot vast desert region with miles of sand as far as the eye can see is now a wasteland of snow and ice. Something the inhabitants must adjust to; to survive. You also wonder if your friend Toru Sora survived. Did he make it out of the pyramid alive?

Beware What Slithers

Taking a short rest before exploring more of the labyrinth underneath the ancient temple. You are reunited with your friend the thief Usef. Usef ends up helping the party by healing your recent wounds with magical waters. Waters he stole from a powerful genie entity. But you also realize Toru Sora is missing. Who or what has taken him?
So continuing on into a newly exposed rough cut passageway. You find yourselves among a stalagmite and stalagtite filled water dripping cavern. Purplish light shines within the carvern walls. The same light that was seen above ground. The air around you is wet and humid. Within this huge cavern you discover a lost city. The lost city of Al Kadar. Usef hearing of this long forgotten city informs you of the dread that had befallen the city and the ill fate that cursed the people.
Rawthorn having found a blood trail from their comrade Toru Sora. The party begin to cautiously trek into the city. The whole time the group feeling that they are being watched. The tracks are not that of footsteps but the slithering of a snake body. Not just one but many.
After following the tracks and spotting figures in the shadows. You see the tracks end in a big hole opening in the middle of one the city streets. Three giant scorpions guard the entrance but are only a minor obstacle for our group.
Going inside the hole another rough cut passage is found. It leads to a large pillared room that have alcoves cut all around. Torches fill the outer walls. It is only moments before you are under attack by the yuan-ti. Snake like humanoids that attack without hesitation. The fight is fierce but the party survive. The dead yuan-ti to the party’s surprise revert from a snack like humanoid to human form.
Before moving on the group catch their breath. In the meantime, Usef finds a secret passage leading to some of the yuan-ti’s living quarters. After searching thouroughly this area. The party moves on. There is water on the floor and farther the party travels in. The water gets deeper. So Indie has Aurthor pull out the magic carpet and the party rides above the water filled passageway.
As you travel farther still on the magic carpet the passageway opens up. Then opens up even more. Here you encounter more yuan-ti’s- yuan-ti archers and yuan-ti abominations. Having already jumped off the magic carpet. Rawthorn summons two octopi to deal with two of the yuan-ti abominations. The party then engage the rest of the yuan-ti near a pillared platform that sits above the water at the end. Again our heroes are successful. Again the dead yuan-ti revert from snake like humanoids to human form.
Moving on you enter a chamber with a statue of a snake like female goddess. Underneath the statue at it’s base is found a key hole. Jones finding a key earlier uses the key. Using the key the grinding of stone and metal can be heard. The statue begins to turn and rise exposing a stairwell underneath.
You begin to descend down below but not until Usef finds a secret treasure room within the statued chamber. Inside is a king’s ransom. You take your fill of gold, gems as well as a few interesting items that might be of use in the future. Even Usef fills his pockets as well as a medium sack. Then the party continues on. Down the stairwell you go.

He Who Does Not Sleep

Traveling slowly for two days in the hot sun on borrowed horses. Your new ally Yusef takes you to the ancient ruins of the Undying King. You reach the ancient ruins as the sun sets in the distance. The ancient ruins glow an ominous bright purplish light as you get closer and closer. You see tall reaching columns, grand stone sphinx statues as well as different sized towering pyramids. Indie even scouts the area using his flying carpet. The wizard spots a alcove in the bottom of the biggest of the pyramids. Yusef stays behind with the horses as the party of adventurers explore the alcove.
As you enter, a wide cavern descends sharply downward. The floor is made up of loose sand as the whole party begins to slide down to a lower chamber. There you see many halls leading to different directions. Above the halls you see many different shapes and lettering written in a long ago forgotten language. The language very similiar to the text in the stolen tome from Elizar’s tower.
Going further; you encounter orc archers guarding several areas, traps throughout as well as a few minor but deadly hazardous puzzles. You make it all the way to the last room on this level where you find four large unanimated multi-armed stone gaurdians. One in each corner of a large room. Wielding large swords the gaurdians stand motionless. You also see four horned demons as well as a hunched over figure. The horned demons Kalavacus you encountered before near Indie’s teacher Elizar’s tower when you first entered the Magic Realm.
The hunched over figure rises to face you. The figure being that of a liche of great power. He tells you that he is the ruler of this desert and that all who enters his sanctuary dies. It only takes you moments to realize that the liche and his horned demons are only a hologram of some kind. That there real presence is elsewhere. The liche warns you again as their images begin to fade. After the images fade the multi-armed stone guardians come to life; but not until poison green gas shoots from the floor knocking your companion Toru Sora unconscious.
The stone guardians are successful in wounding the party of adventures in a fight before they are defeated by our heroic group. At the conclusion of the encounter. The large room begins to descend several stories to a lower level exposing a pathway. The pathway exposing a gush of unexpected hot steamy air into the room that leaves the party wondering what lies ahead. Taking a minute to catch their breath. The party readies themselves for another dangerous encounter but not before resting.

The Desert Of Surabia

Once transported to the outskirts of the desert region of Surabia. You are amazed at the sheer size of the sandy wasteland. The sand seems to be go on forever. So as you try to acclimate yourself to the higher temperatures. You suddenly spot a young darker skinned looking man in loose clothing running past you in a big hurry. He stops as he spots you and warns you to run for your lives. Not realizing why. You see a giant sized Purple Worm traveling at high speeds toward the group. The terrifying creature roars with a ferocious sound exposing hundreds of sharp teeth and spitting green saliva. Seeing the Purple Worm; the group wisely begin to run for their lives as well. The whole time the Purple Worm gaining on the adventuring group as well as the young stranger. During the chase. The Purple Worm did catch some of the party members but only temporarily. The party outwitted the monster and ended up getting away on the flying carpet taking their new acquaintance with them. The party luckily escaping the creatures full wrath.
Your new friend ends up being Yusif. A thief from the city of Sahel. Yusif admittedly tells you that he incurred the Purple Worm’s anger by stealing one of the monster’s eggs. The egg was part of a highstakes bet made by several Sahel elite. It is there where you travel. The city of Sahel, a sovereign city is ruled by wealthy water merchants. In the desert of Surabia, if you have access to an abundant water supply. You have power. So many water merchants protect their water supply like they would any other treasure.
As you further interact with Yusif. You find out that he might be a thief but he is a thief with a heart of gold. He gives the egg to an orphanage to feed the orphans as well as give the lady running the orphanage coins to survive. Yusif is also well liked by many of the citizens of Sahel. Yusif has lived in the city of Sahel all his life and knows almost everything that goes on in the city and if he doesn’t know. He knows who does. He also knows of ancient ruins two days ride to the east. He tells you no one goes there and returns to tell about it. Yusif warns you to stay away. But being the Heroes Of The Free Realms, you have never shied away from danger especially when the stakes are so high. Before coming to Surabia, the Magic Council told you that the old tome was taken to some ruins in the desert. The ancient Ruins that Yusif mentions must be one and the same. Talking Yusif into taking you. You set out in the morning.

The Undying King

As the party witnesses the crumbled palace in flames. The adventurers hear a voice in their heads. It is the voice of Elminister the wizard. He tells you that it has been a long night of mischief. That you all have had a long hazardous night. But what is done can be undone; so sleep. As he continues to talk. The party is overcome by a great exhaustion. You close your eyes with the last thing you see is the building of the magic council destroyed. Destroyed by a unrelenting fire.
As you are awaken by a familiar voice. You open your eyes to the bright light of the morning. You find you and all your party members back in your comfortable quarters in the palatial tower in Arkilleon, the City Of Magic. Before you stands Gelvan Tulum. But how? You saw him get killed before your eyes. He greets you and lets you know that you are summoned before the Magic Council at once. Still in bewilderment about seeing the resurrected Tulum. You fly on your flying carpet to the where the once main building of the Magic Council burned down. But again to your amazement the great building stands in all it’s glory untouched by any fire.
Once inside the building. You meet the Magic Council with all members in attendance. Even Raistlin Majere seems unaffected with last nights events. The wizard’s hands unharmed. Indie asks what happened last night. Asking yourselves what is it all just a dream. Elminister simply replies “What is done can be undone”. Elminister quickly changes the subject to the ancient tome. The tome was stolen last night by thieves. The Magic Council not knowing the exact location of the tome but knowing where it was taken. Taken to the desert region of Surabia. The realm of the Undying King. So it is there you are sent by way of a powerful group teleportation spell cast by all the members of the Magic Council. It is there you must search for the Ancient Tome of Farldorn.

The Code Of Assassins

After witnessing some killings at night from your temporary lodging inside a tower in Arkilleon, The City Of Magic. The group charges into a hallway to encounter the killers. Your city concierge Gelvan Tulum, sadly, was one of the ones to be cut down as well as a hand full of Arkilleon guards.
The murderers end up being assassins. The same assassins you were warned about. They are being lead by a familiar masked female in a leather studded dress. She smiles as you see her catch a whirling blade that she threw earlier. Only to have that same blade return to her hands. This is the last thing that you see before the party is engulfed by magical darkness.
As the party is surprised by the turn of events. The situation even becomes more deadly as a glass gernade is rolled toward the party. The gernade hits Indie’s foot before it detonates. Upon detonation the glass sphere explodes but causes no physical damage but instead releases a magical spell of Silence. The spell allowing no sounds in or out of a twenty foot radius. Making communication difficult and making spells with a verbal component impossible.
This is when Rawthorn feels a flying whirling blade strike him with lethal accuracy. He falls after the one vicious attack. Collapsing to the floor next to Aurthor. Leaving only four of the five party members to fight against the assassins.
With not having a clear thought out plan of action. The group of adventurers find themselves overmatched this time. The party retreats into their room in the tower; but not before a fireball strikes. Aurthor takes the brunt of the fireball causing the fighter to also succumb to heavy wounds. The party then climbs onto the flying carpet and hovers to an outside upper balcony. But not before Indie sees a huge black dragon flying away from the tower.
If it wasn’t for Finius Cobbletree showing up in one of the upper balconies. The fighter Aurthor might not of survived. Finius uses the statue’s last wish to bring back the fighter. A wish meant for another. After the artifact expending it’s last wish with a bright glow. The statue crumbles into dust in the hands of Finius.
With Aurthor revived, the party sees a burning building in the distance. Black smoke bellows from the building at night. It is the main building in Arkilleon. The building where the Magic Council meet. The party without haste fly to the building to investigate. Seeing the building on fire. The party flies into the burning building. More dead city guards are found.
Moving further into the building. They find Raistlin Majere, a member of the Magic Council, badly wounded and pinned under a large wooden beam. His hands crushed from the large falling wood making it impossible for the wizard to cast spells. Rawthorn the ranger summons four black bears that move the beams safely without hurting Majere any further.
Rescuing the wizard Majere. He tells the group that an army of assassins led by four others stole the ancient tome that Indie gave the Magic Council. Upon hearing this the group prepare to leave. Jones and Indie exit the building using the magic carpet through the opening in the domed roof. Rawthorn, Toru Sora, Aurthor as well as Majere, however; mount the black bears and look for an alternate route to exit the building. Finding a concealed door revealed by the fire. The bear riding party smash down the concealed door and begin to run through the building searching for a exit. All the while, fire consumes the building as well as falling wooden beams become obstacles to overcome. After a few moments, the group riding the bears see an exit. The whole time Indie and Jones wait and hold their breath on the magic carpet. Waiting for their friends to appear out of the building. Toru Sora is the first to appear out of the building. The others not too far behind exit the dommed building as well. Safely outside, the building collapses from within with a loud crash. The building still on fire and smoking in the night. With the ancient tome gone. What will the party do next?

The City Of Magic

After landing on a large circular platform in the city of Arkilleon; also known as the City of Magic, on the wings of giant owls. Aurthor, Indie, Rawthorn Toru Sora and Finius Cobbletree are greeted by Gelvin Tulum. Jones however is not present at this time. Tulum is the group’s concierge to the Magic Council. He tells you that you have time to eat and rest before meeting the council. So he walks you to a main street of the city. There you can trade and buy goods, do banking as well as find a meal and drink. So the party takes advantage of the opportunity. Exchanging gems and jewels of past adventures for gold pieces then to platinum pieces.
Back in the Free Realms, Jones is aboard the Falcon still. Having forgotten his hammer. Jones went below deck to retrieve it from his room. After, he is confronted by the ship’s engineer Old Man. Old Man tells you that the current records do not match the current quantities of supplies on board. That the airship the Falcon should have more food and water. Somehow large quantities are missing. The missing food and water enough to sustain a small army.
Just then Old Man the engineer tells you he hears a woman’s scream. The ship’s engineer runs to investigate with Jones not far behind. Running down a hall and turning a corner. Jones sees two ship crewman keeping something at bay in one of the supply rooms. It is a Crawling Terror. Once the actual left hand of Aurthor; cut off, transformed by a cursed ring into a menacing monster. Underneath one of the Crawling Terror’s digits is another crewman. The crewman lays motionless apparently unconscious maybe dead. So Jones having spells at the ready; spells granted by his god Thor, casts Banishment and sends the Crawling Terror to parts unknown. He also casts Cure Wounds to the unconscious crew member to the delight of Old Man and the other two crewman.
Back in Arkilleon, the other party members find themselves in the tavern the Crooked Wand. Owned by Zilvazaraat and his four wives. The group minus Jones again find a mysterious figure warning the group of coming assassins. Assassins looking to kill the group of adventurers. The mysterious figure being the same one who warned the party years ago in Grey Warden of approaching assassins. He departs the tavern leaving his calling card, a spinning gold coin. As the figure leaves the tavern. He bumps into Jones entering the Crooked Wand. The mysterious figure tells Jones that Jones’s friends are awaiting the warpriest’s arrival.
The party now reunited examine the ancient tome and finish their meal. Indie notices the tome is written in an ancient language. The language being a more complicated dialect of Giant. Then flying away on flying carpets furnished by Gelvin Tulum and the Magic Council they go to their temporary accommodations in a grand tower. There they find plush beds, fruit, water and a cleaning room. They however do not stay but go out for a few hours to the Red Light district to find some female companionship. The place suggested by Zilvazaraat himself as Indie was given a business card to the Smiling Mermaid, owned by a halfling named Ganondorf. Heading back the party prepare themselves to meet the Magic Council.
Flying to a small palace on flying carpets into an opening in a roof. The party finds themselves in a large round room with Arkilleon city guards spaced evenly against the walls. They stay at attention expecting the parties arrival. Between two guards are two gold ornate double doors. The doors open on their own revealing a dark hallway. As the group enters the hallway the hallway illuminates as the party move forward led by Gelvin Tulum. Upon entering the council chambers, you see a semicircle platform with the eleven members of the Magic Council seated and looking in your direction. With Finius Cobbletree who magically appears behind you; the party sees a few of the council members entering the council chambers before being seated. Elminster appearing as a glowing orb at first then transforming into his human self. Heimdall the Deciever entering in his weretiger form only to shapechange to his human form. Saleed Akermanunan (The Immortal) appearing out of a small whirlwind. Lastly, Morbeus the Cruel who appears out of a Demension Door with his clay golem guardian. Elminster being the head speaker welcomes you.
After Finius himself introduces the council members to the party. The subject turns to the ancient tome. The tome described by Morbeus the Cruel is a book written by a great titan named Farldorn. The book referred to as the Ancient Tome of Faldorn. Back in ancient times before man or beast. The titans ruled the cosmos. Farldorn foresaw the end of the titans and the birth of the gods. These gods would separate the cosmos into different planes of existence. The material where the party lives. The magic where the party is now. As well as many others. One particular plane, the Abyss, is home of devils and demons. The masters of the Abyss look to join all the planes so they can conquer then enslave the cosmos. The titan Farldorn knew the secret to joining the planes of existence. In this tome is that secret. From this Elminster tells the party that the tome must be in the Magic Councils hands so they can protect it. So Indie agrees and hands the tome over to Elminster.
Elminster also continues by saying that he has a special quest for the party to perform. A task that he will reveal the next day after the party rests and regain any needed health or abilities. In the meantime, he gives the party a Magic Carpet and a Bag Of Holding. Indie takes the Magic Carpet and Aurthor takes the Bag Of Holding.
So the party retreats back to their temporary accommodations in the tower. All turning in for the night. Everything being peaceful until yelling and running is heard in the middle of the party’s slumber. The sound wakes the party. Indie is the first to look. An Arkilleon gaurd is seen running past the adventuring group’s door. The gaurd is cut down by a spinning blade. The whirling blade strikes and returns to it’s owner. Moving Indie to the side, Rawthorn now looks to see Gelvin Tulum in front of their door trying to warn the party. Tulum is also cut down by a spinning blade. His lifeless body crumbling to the floor.
It only takes mere moments for the party to jump into action to face the danger awaiting them in the hall. In the hall stands a tall slender woman in a black dress wearing a black mask. The same woman you encountered in Waterdeep. She smiles at you as she catches her spinning blade. Behind her six of her assassins await her orders.

Where There Is Magic

As the group of adventures get used to being the new captains of an airship. Life on board the Falcon is once again calm in the cold winter months. It has been two months since leaving Deira Vale. Plenty of time to heal wounds and train for your next challenge. The refugees of that city, now reside among the crew and party on the flying vessel the Falcon.
So far there presence has been a positive one. As the refugees have been contributing with the maintenance of the ship as well as other functions like sewing and cooking for example. But as the days go by. Essential supplies like food and water are beginning to run low. The party must find somewhere to supply and quickly. The harsh winter will not be forgiving to those who are without.
Besides the supply problem on the Falcon to solve. Different opportunities begin to arise for some of the members of the party. Rawthorn spots a peregrine falcon following the airship. The ranger attempts to call on the falcon to come to him but Rawthorn has so far failed. Aurthor having lost his left hand on their last adventure tries to persuade Ratchet the ship’s engineer to make him a replacement hand. Unfortunately the gnome Ratchet does not like the fighter Aurthor for Aurthor’s past actions toward the gnome. But Aurthor continues to negotiate with the hard headed gnome anyways. A process that is slow but seems to be heading in the right direction since Aurthor gave the gnome a bag full of gold.
On one particular day. All the members of the party are on the top deck. Everyone except Indie. The wizard has been missing for a few days. It is like he disappeared from the ship all together; and just like that. Indie walks out from down below onto the top deck with stressful news. News from where he has been. A place familiar to him but not known by the others in the group. A place where all magic originates- The Realm Of Magic.
So Indie travels back to the Magic Realm. This time he brings his companions with him. Everyone in the group but Jones. Jones is somehow left behind but is replaced instead by Finius Cobbletree. Cobbletree travels with the party to Grey Warden first and then straight to the Magic Realm. But what of Jones? Why didn’t he make the trip? That is a question that will be answered later.
When Indie, Toru Sora, Rawthorn, Aurthor as well as Finius make it to the Realm Of Magic. They see a glowing red pentagram on the ground. The party can feel the intense heat eminating from the pentagram as well as hear sizzling crispy sounds coming from it. In the distance can be seen the tower that Indie described. The tower that Indie has been studying his craft of the arcane for years. Then Indie points to one of the many upper tower windows. Out of that window come forth 5 horned demons, the Kalavacus. The same demons that came before and destroyed the upper chambers as well as killing one of the guardian’s of the tower, the black cat Eladra.
One of the demons clutches an ancient tome under his arm while the other demons position themselves in front. With all of the demons running toward the party. They move toward the pentagram but the party face them head on. After a heated battle, the party manage to kill four out of five demons. Their dead demon bodies quickly decompose into ashes that get blown away by a strong wind. The fifth demon runs then teleports on top of pentagram. Then the glowing red pentagram then teleports the horned demon again to an unknown location with a low then loud sizzling crispy sound as the pentagram disappears itself.
As the party tries to comprehend what just happened. Giant sized owls begin to appear in the sky, six in total. The giant owls land near the party. Without speaking, the owls bekon the group to ride them. So without hesitation except Rawthorn. Always the untrusting ranger. He contemplates before mounting an owl.
The party then begin to ride the giant owls into the air. All but one owl. The lone giant owl waits patiently for a particular rider to appear. The owls already knowing there destination take the party high above the clouds. The journey is far. Long enough for the party to take a short rest. Not until Rawthorn awakens on a giant owl that he sees a golden kingdom miles away.
The kingdom consisting of golden buildings and walls sit under a massive rainbow and rests on top of great clouds. Getting closer you see soldiers on flying griffons just hovering in the sky in two single formations hundred yards apart. You end up flying between the two formations of flying griffon riders. They look at you as you inch closer to the kingdom. They however do not stop your progress. It is as if they knew of your coming.
Once there, the giant owls land on a large circular landing pad where you are greeted by a man in regal garb. He is accompanied by five guards. Welcome to the city of Arkilleon- home of the Magic Council.

The Master Of The Castle

Pressing on from the courtyard. You hear the chilling voice once again “To kill the master. You must cut off his head.”. Leading up to the main parts of the castle. Wide stone steps welcome you. As you get higher and higher and higher still the steps begin narrow until you reach a large forboding entrance. A familiar demon face in red greets you on oversized double doors adorned with black gold.
You suddenly sense being watched from above. The group spotting a ghastly site. Author’s cut off left hand; now being a giant crawling claw, skitters about on the side of the castle walls. You watch it until it climbs up and over the wall. The party loses site of the crawling claw not knowing where it went.
Continuing on, you hear a low humming coming from beyond the doors. The doors open as you approach nearer. Big ogres unlike the ones you encountered earlier open the doors expecting your arrival. You notice a strong smell of decay on them. You surmise that they are of the undead variety, ogre zombies. The humming becomes louder almost defening as seventy plus robed figures hum in unison. Jones the war-priest does not hesitate. He “turns the undead” against the ogre zombies. Exploding them into ashes leaving no trace.
Within the torchlit main chamber; on the other side of the entrance and robed figures, holds steps leading up to a large throne. Upon that throne is the Lord Baron Anon Avicus. An old vampire lord who has ruled Deira Vale since the city has fallen five years ago. He claps at the party for successfully making it this far but teases that your end is at hand. He points to a seemingly dead body on the steps. It is Toru Sora the monk. He lays there covered in his own bloodied wounds.
Lord Anon not being alone is flanked by two individuals. One standing on the left of Anon is Kalanar, now being a vampire himself and follower of the vampire lord. The other, to the party’s surprise especially Indie, is Captain Helena Stormwind who is sitting on a smaller throne right of Anon. Her appearance has changed dramatically almost unrecognizable. Apparently she has turned to the dark as well; even though Indie in his heart does not believe so. Lord Anon also teases that you will fail like Kalanar and Toru Sora. That you will be his slaves or be destroyed.
Not lacking courage. The party engage the seventy plus robed figures first. Who end up being zombie minions. The fight takes longer than expected because the zombies do not fall easily to most attacks even how great. Only the war-priest Jones seems to permanently destroy the zombies through the divine energy provided by his god Thor.
After the group defeat the army of zombies who now litter the main hall floors. Our party face the vampire lord himself. Kalanar steps forward to attack but Lord Anon Avicus tells him to stand down. The lord vampire wants the pleasure of killing the party himself. The vampire lord floats down from his thrown to the main hall floor before both sides begin the final battle.
The fight begins with the vampire exploding into a purple mist becoming intangible to attacks then reappearing behind members of the party to gain advantage. During this fight the vampire does sustain wounds but beginning of each of the vampire lord’s turn he regenerates back health making Lord Anon a truly tough opponent. But as the battle continues the vampire lord begins to lose ground. He calls for Kalanar to aid him in battle but Kalanar does not. Kalanar instead chooses to escape through a secret door behind the throne taking a willingly Lady Stormwind with him. Lord Anon screams in disgust. Soon the group overtake the vampire lord. Lord Anon Avicus explodes in defeat into a purple mist. The group runs to their fallen comrade Toru Sora. He is barely alive. Toru Sora tells you that you must find the coffin of Lord Avicus. There you will find the vampire lord’s body. After you find the body, you must cut off the head destroying the vampire forever. Hurry before he gets away is his last words before Toru Sora passes out.
Aurthor realizes first that the coffin is the same coffin in the black carriage pulled by ghostly horses seen earlier in this castle. Aurthor without hesitation rushes out of the main hall to get to the carriage. Second to realize where the coffin is located is Indie. He finds it too late to call Aurthor back. Instead Indie opens a Demension Door spell taking Rawthorn with him.
They both appear right next to the black carriage. As Rawthorn opens the carriage door the carriage takes off in a rush. The ghostly horses pulling the black carriage like a bat out of Hell. It takes luck and skill for Rawthorn and Indie to manage to stay on the carriage. Rawthorn acrobatically jumping inside the carriage and Indie atheletically jumping on and holding on to the outside. Aurthor appears in the room exhausted for running as he sees the black carriage ride off with his two friends.
Rawthorn being inside the carriage opens the coffin revealing the sleeping body of Lord Baron Anon Avicus. The ranger wastes no time and beheads the vampire lord. The head and body deteriorates within seconds turning into dust. The vampire lord is no more.
Rawthorn and Indie both go along for the ride as the carriage begins to travel over the lake without sinking as if the water has become solid ground. What magic is this? Riding away from the castle. Indie decides to take control of the black carriage. Using telekinesis he takes hold of the reins but is not familiar with these ghostly steeds and has little control over the carriage. This is when Rawthorn gives it a try. Rawthorn actually takes full command of the ghostly horses and carriage bringing it back to where the carriage originally was. There Jones, Aurthor and the wounded Toru Sora await the two’s return. As the black carriage stops the ghostly steeds begin to disappear returning back to their plane of origin.
The party deciding to leave the castle. Once again summon the ferryman to take them back across the lake. The snow begins to fall. As they reach the other side back into the main city. The party is met by the astonished survivors of Deira Vale. Led by Portkillus Portharper, he asks you to take him and the rest of the survivors away from this evil place. As you agree and trek back to the flying vessel “the Falcon” by foot. The falling snow becomes heavier. The ground no longer seen but covered in white snow. Your vision is now limited to twenty feet. Out of the many flakes falling from the sky is heard a horrible screeching from the south. First one screech then many. You then see a row of harpies walk into view. Next you see a row ghasts. Then a row of ogre zombies. Then a row of dark goblins accompanied with a newly returned Lord Akkadon. Hearing thunderous footsteps, you then see a reformed stone golem step into view. Lastly you see Lord Kalanar and Lady Stormwind. Kalanar thanks you of ridding Lord Baron Anon Avicus for him. It was Kalanar who helped you throughout your adventure- whispering clues, killing the ogre guards, not fighting in the final battle. According to Kalanar, he tells you it was all part of his plan to come into power. He tells you for that you are welcome to leave with your lives but not until Aurthor the former paladin returns Kalanar’s boots that Aurthor took from him back in Waterdeep. Without hesitation Aurthor does return the boots by throwing them into the snow in front of Lord Kalanar. This is when two of Kalanar’s giant bats swoop down and grab the boots taking them back to the castle before anyone can change their minds. Then as soon as they appear the lord vampire and his army retreat back into the falling snow.
Back at the flying wooden ship the Falcon. The quartermaster “Oldman” asks where Captain Helena Stormwind whereabouts are. After the party gives the somber news to the quartermaster as well as the rest of the crew. The quartermaster announces that you the party are the new owners and ship captains of the boat. The whole crew as well as the last survivors of Deira Vale all hail your new appointment. But the festivities are cut short at the sight of Finius Cobbletree.
The old sorcerer tells the group of adventurers that he has important news to tell you but in a more private setting. Once down below in the private quarters of Finius Cobbletree. He tells you that back in Waterdeep that you did not give Segel Zentarus the real artifact. Instead it was a fake replica that was given to him. Cobbletree said he used illusion and trickery to make the old pirate captain believe he was getting the real thing. For this, Zentarus and his band of pirates search the world on their massive flying warship the Leviathan for the party. Finius Cobbletree continues that Captain Zentarus is not only looking for the artifact but is looking for blood.


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